Step 1 - Instructions

Step 2 - Declaration

Step 4 - Eligibility

Have you complained direct to company in writing?
What date did you complain to the company?
Has company provided their final response?
Did they reject your complaint?
Have you rejected the final response?
Please add the final response that you received from the retailer here, it is imperative that you use the exact wording that the retailer has provided to you. Either cut and paste their response here or upload an image or file of the response on step 7 of this form:

Step 5 - About You

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E-mail address:

Step 3 - About Your Complaint

Name of Retailer
Category Type
Issue Name
Your Reference

Step 6 - Remedy

What is your desired outcome?
What is the value of your claim?
Note: If your claim is less between £1 and £750 your complaint administration fee will be £10, if your claim is above £751 - £25000 your fee will be £25, click here to agree to the fee.

Step 7 - Evidence & Support Files

Please Upload your evidence files here

Step 8 - Payment